February was a great month for us. Among all the feedback we have been getting, there are 2 that stand out for us that we would like to share with you here and also take this opportunity to thank these people for their vote of confidence.

Particularly of note for us was the feature + review in NextBigWhat (The name says it all ;-) ).  The post covers the details of the service offered by the DealChaat platform – both to Merchants and Shoppers – and then offers their feedback. What stands out especially :-

So who are the competitors of DealChaat? In fact, no one. Presently none of the leading deal websites have mobile apps. To some extent, DealChaat overlaps with restaurant and nightlife listing sites like Zomato and Burrp, however they are limited only to food and nightlife categories.

Given the increasing penetration of Android enabled smartphone users in India, DealChaat is an attempt to bring end to end convenience to smartphone users with features like map support.

The major challenge in this space is to keep updating the offerings, and to ensure that DealChaat allows businesses to control their dashboard to update inventory; opening and locking deals etc.

They’re bang on the target here. While DealChaat is definitely a platform for shoppers to look for all deals around them, given its flexible, DIY nature, DealChaat is also a great platform for Merchants to sweeten the deal for shoppers. Definitely an added advantage to draw away the shopper’s eye from the competition. You can read the detailed post by NextBigWhat here.

Our second review of note (and quite pleasantly out of the blue if we may add) was by WATBlog.com. Now this is a very detailed review of our apps as well as the DealChaat platform. If you’re still a skeptic and want to find out more before you hit that download button, you definitely want to read this one.

DealChaat reviewed by WATBlog. We love what a thorough job they’ve done.

This is our second feature on WATBlog. The first one was right after we had The Economic Times reviewed our app. We really appreciate them taking out the time to do such a thorough review.

Both the reviews make this one essential point – The app is great, the platform sounds good. It would be great if there were better deals on it.  Now that is something the Merchants need to start doing. What needs to be seen is whether the Merchants in India will be able to exploit the location-aware ability of DealChaat as well as the DIY nature to start experimenting with the kind of deals they offer to shoppers. If you have any pointers to share with us in this regard, we’d love to hear from you.

If you were not already using DealChaat, we hope you will be tempted to give us a shot once you read these reviews. And don’t forget to share your honest feedback too. Truly, we’d love some!

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