Hyperlocal is in these days – and in a big way. Over the past 18 months a number of startups have begun dishing out hyperlocal mobile applications. If 2014 was the year for grocery delivery apps, the year thus far has been about discovery.

Given this increasing interest in all things hyperlocal, we recently spent some time discussing the market potential for something like DealChaat with Facebook’s Ime Archibong.

When we asked him about his thoughts on DealChaat, Ime’s first remark was simply,

You need to ask yourself, is the market ready for something like this? Are people ready to reveal their location and allow themselves to be served up promotions in a way that doesn’t creep them?

Even though DealChaat does not try to second-guess the user’s behaviour, shoppers are, in general, reluctant to give away their location.

Having said that, Ime also pointed out that every technology has its time. It could take a really long time for the market to be ready to accept a particular technology. But when the time is right, it will accelerate at a phenomenal rate.

The adoption rate of new technology is shrinking with every passing year. We live in an insanely connected and data driven world. We have begun accepting the fact that Facebook can recognize our friends, and Google knows where we are at every single point of time.

The recent spike in hyperlocal discovery applications is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Hyperlocal, has been sitting at the doorstep of smartphone users for a while. And it seems the market is willing to open its doors.

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