We were hijacked.

On 20th November, a certain individual, who identifies himself by the name of Charly Green, illegally took over our domain name dealchaat.com

It is beyond our understanding how this was authorized by the domain name registrar, GoDaddy, since the domain was renewed by us earlier this year.

What shocked us more was that the contents of the site had not changed. Charly Green had not only taken over our domain, but also illegally pretended to be us.

We’re bruised, but still standing.

Fortunately, our existing security measures prevented the web application and dashboard from being hijacked in this manner. As a result, while merchants were unable to access their dashboard, all your data is secure.

To help ensure the application remains running, our team has migrated the application to a new domain: dealchaat.in

Merchants will now be able to access the dashboard through the new site. The major task of setting up shop has been done. Meanwhile, we are identifying and fixing any minor bugs which may have crept up while shifting. Our mobile application is unaffected.

Looking for a silver lining.

Our team has been working overtime to limit the damage and inconvenience that this incident has caused to us & merchants. But somewhere in this confusion, we found a little encouragement. Hey, someone thought we were worth stealing from! And our security net prevented them from doing any real damage.

We are now wiser after this incident and are not leaving any stone unturned in protecting ourselves from any other green-eyed persons.



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