The great Indian Elections. A Movie.  A game with a social Message. Innovative mobile marketing. What’s common between all of these? Read on and find out.

When shown early previews of the movie Yeh Hai Bakrapur to help with its mobile marketing, we immediately knew we wanted to be associated. A social satire set against the backdrop of rural India, it is a multi-layered film, with a hilarious take on the complex belief systems that prevail in Indian society. The spirit of the movie really resonated with us and we highly recommend  that you go see it (releasing May 9th).

When the marketing team of the movie approached us to help with its mobile marketing, we knew we had a bit of a challenge on our hands. While the DealChaat platform in its current form allows for location-based promotion and the DIY features allows you to get creative with fun promos, contests and deals -  mobile marketing for a movie is a different ball game altogether.

We quickly realised that what this movie needed was something that would bring out the social spirit of the movie, that people will want to use long after the movie is out of the theaters, and also get the media’s attention (which it did very successfully!).

So with a quick nod from the team’s side, we set about making and launching “Kaun Banega PM?”

There are currently more than 200 apps related to Indian Elections on the Google Play store. “Kaun Banega PM?” is the only app that is a game app for the promotion of an upcoming movie (Yeh Hai Bakrapur) that leverages the buzz around the most happening event in the country right now – the elections – and also aims to deliver a social message. The game launch was timed with the Indian General elections and with the game the movie makers and we hoped to encourage people to go out and vote for their favorite party.

The game Kaun Banega PM (KBPM) besides having an addictive and fun game play generates real-time stats by compiling national and state-wise voting scores and party preferences to reflect a mock-poll – one that truly reflects the voting choices of the people in the country!

The response to KBPM has been overwhelming! In less than a month on the Google Play store, it already has more than 25,000 downloads. You can see the live leaderboard of the different parties here and also see which party is winning in your state. Download the game from the Google Play Store and don’t forget to watch the movie in a theatre near you! Give us a shout when you spot our name on the screen :-)

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