What do you think is the one thing every Indian shopper wants? – A “Good Bargain” of course!

Such similar insights about Indian Shoppers were recently shared by experts on Twitter that we storified. Some known truths (that Indian shoppers are price-sensitive) as well as deeper insights (Indians are always looking for a good bargain and may not be brand loyal) were shared.

You can read the entire story on Storify –>

A big thank you to @anaggh@tallboykarthik@JoyAndLife@rathinikesh and @NowEntrepreneur who are featured in this storified discussion.

Have a look and participate with the hashtag #IndianShopper on Twitter if you have more such gems to offer.

Every Indian would put their need to extract the most value out of every buying experience down to their family-oriented, economy-of-savers conditioning. A trait that Indian Retailers/Marketers tend to bank upon while planning their promotions.

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