SALE!! 10% Discount! 20% Discount! Flat 50% Discount! Buy one get get one free!! 40% +30% Discount!!

Feeling confused?? Well that’s how customers are being bombarded with thousands and millions of offers and deals every day. Some get attracted to the highest discount, some loyal ones show their brand loyalty, while some simply ignore them.

Among all this chaos how do you manage to keep your customers interested and engaged? Are you experimenting with the new age technology to reach out to your prospective customers?

We asked our merchants the same. Well we are glad to let you know that they are not only using technology to keep an edge over the market but also experimenting with it. They are taking enough pain to work around their deals to keep their customers engaged.

Mr. Ajit Singh, Director of XIIAN and Cheenos  also said in his interview

If we don’t push from our end, we cannot expect people to really come in.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the second video of Smart Advertising video series to know how some Delhi merchants are experimenting with smart technology to promote their deals and offers.

Smart Advertising 02: How retailers are experimenting with new technology to promote their deals?

We hope you are enjoying watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them. This video is a part of our video series called

Smart Advertising – A Series

You can read and watch our first video here.

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