What are the 3 ingredients of any successful platform?


What could be better if this feedback is critical and honest, coming straight from the users of the platform and gives you tremendous insights to how things are happening on-the-ground and how you can use it to improve your offerings even further.

DealChaat Usage Pattern - Delhi

DealChaat Usage – Delhi

We came back with far more than we had set out to achieve. And we are compiling it all in a series of videos we call Smart Advertising. Have a look and do tell us what you think!


Smart Advertising 01  - What do retailers find interesting about a mobile deals promotion platform?

The main advantage of your offer is that its a real-time activity. … I can put an offer and update it any number of times in a day! – Mr. Rajiv Gupta, Director – Tuscany Spa.

Armed with this intent, we interviewed a few  merchants using DealChaat – we call them Friends of DealChaat - and asked them to share with us their experience with DealChaat - the good, the bad and the ugly -  of how they are exploiting the features provided by DealChaat - the flexibility of creating last-minute, last-mile, location-based deals - to come up with some fun deals to attract shoppers around them and to generally share with us how they usually promote their offers and the problems they face doing so.

We hope you enjoyed these video interviews. We’ll be adding many more as we go along.

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