We’re proud to present to you, the latest update of our Android app, DealChaat 3.0. The new features included in this version have been described in detail here. What we want to focus on now is if you are a Merchant/Retailer with a DealChaat subscription or plan to get on DealChaat, how these new features could benefit you.

With the new features – Login & Personalisation, Rating of Deals and Review of Merchant establishments – DealChaat dons a more social avtar. This is the most important development of this release which impacts DealChaat as a platform, as well as your conversation with your customers henceforth. With these new features, DealChaat is set to be a two-way medium of communication between you and your shoppers.

Shoppers today are smart and informed, and your deals and services have to match their expectations. With the new features, our aim is to provide you the tools to gain useful insights into what shoppers expect as well as what they think about your deals and offerings.

Ratings for Deals:

Before this release, shoppers could at best discover your deals when they were out shopping, and if they liked it enough, share it with their friends through Email or Social Media platforms. Now they can give you as well as other shoppers around them direct feedback of what they think about the deal, right there on the DealChaat app. To do that, they can either like ‘<3 ‘or dislike ‘</3′ the deal. Some things for you to note here:

-The like and dislike count for each deal is visible to all shoppers who use the DealChaat app and are in your vicinity.

-These counts are a direct indicator of the shoppers’ opinion of your deals.

You can use these counts to determine what type of deals appeal more to the shopper. And since DealChaat is a completely DIY platform, you dear Merchant  have the opportunity to take this feedback to modify your deals immediately to make them better!

Reviews for Merchants/Establishments:

All businesses thrive on public opinion and this is what helps them strive to provide a better service. DealChaat now makes it all the more easier for you to get an insight into what your shoppers think about your deals and services through the ‘Review the Merchant’ feature.

-Through this feature, shoppers voluntarily give you first-hand feedback about your establishments, deals and service.

-DealChaat will send you an email the instant someone reviews one of your establishments.

-The same feature allows you to interact with the shoppers by replying to their queries and suggestions.

Stay Aware, Stay in Control!

-The like/dislike counts, shopper reviews and your replies are all publicly visible. Thus they also act as social recommendations that have a direct impact on the buying decisions of the DealChaat shoppers’ community as a whole.

-Based on the feedback you’re getting, you can use the DealChaat DIY Merchant Dashboard to improvise deals on the fly.

We’ll be happy to know how these features helped your business and how we can improve them further. Our team is constantly working on further improvements and we hope to bring your more such useful features soon!

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