This sweltering summer, we bring you a cool new version of the DealChaat app, the 3.0.

There are brand new features lined up in this release. We’ll get to them in a moment, because this version is not just about some new features being thrown in. This version has a reason & a purpose, and that is to allow the shoppers to be heard. And not just heard, but be considered. We want you shoppers to be a part of our business, and not just a mere number in the download count.

So without much further ado, here are those new features:

Rate those deals!

Tell your fellow shopper whether a deal is actually good or not! In the list of deals, a Like and a Dislike count is displayed with every deal. What this shows is how many times each deal has been liked or disliked by the DealChaat shoppers.

Each user can contribute to this count. How? Once you click a deal to view its description, there are two buttons which enable you to register your Like and/or Dislike for that deal. So not only are you marking your preference for that deal on your phone, but you’re helping the entire DealChaat shopper community as well.

Add Reviews

This is where you voice your opinion. This is where you get heard! For each store location that is visible on the app, you can add a review. These reviews will be visible to your fellow shoppers. And you can see the reviews that have been submitted by your fellow shoppers as well. You might think, “Meh.. How’s my review going to make a difference?” But that’s where you’re wrong. Whenever you submit a review, we instantly send out an email to the corresponding merchant/establishment, informing them about your review.

So this feature is definitely not a one way street, but a transparent medium of healthy communication between the merchants & the shoppers. This is where the shoppers get to tell the merchants what they’re looking for in a deal.


What this means for the merchants is a direct connect with their shoppers. With ratings & reviews, the merchants get frank and un-biased feedback regarding their deals & overall services. As soon as a shopper submits a review, the merchant gets informed about it. Now they can know what they’re doing wrong, and how should they go about correcting it. Or, what they’re doing right, so they can keep doing it!

The Merchant/Establishment Page

Each store location now has a dedicated page in the app. Along with the name & address of the store, you can see all the deals available there, as well as the reviews for that location. All on a single page. This is the page where the shoppers can add their reviews as well.

Along with that, you can get driving directions to the selected store, or see the location on the map.

For the merchants, this means that shoppers can now get a collective view of all the deals that you are offering at an establishment, as well as what people have to say about those deals.

              Besides these additions, the app also has a swanky new user-interface that is surely easier on the eye.

So that’s the new app.. Coming soon to the Google Play Store near you. But wait, that’s not all. If you’re interested in getting a pre-release preview, do get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or Email. C’mon guys, show us some love!

This version is a big change for us in the sense that we are adding a couple of totally new functionalities. So we’d like you guys to let us know if we’re headed in the right direction. Our communication channels are always open, be it via email, or through social media. Without your inputs we’d be merely groping in the dark.

Stay cool, and Happy Shopping!

Anubhav Budhraja