Oh yes, we’re going from strength to strength.

The latest feather in our cap being the feature in The Indian Express’ weekly magazine. Here’s how it goes..

The Android app is easy-to-use because you don’t need to sign-up and once you download and install the app, you are good to go. Users can let Dealchaat determine their location or set a location to look for deals within a radius (1km to 20km). The app lets users look for deals by category, such as entertainment, food and beverage, fashion, etc. During tests, it wasn’t able to locate more than 10 deals nearby. Since it was launched recently, the number of deals are likely to increase with time. If there are no deals, Dealchaat shows you the nearest retail outlets. Users don’t have to print coupons to avail discounts. The Android app crashed a couple of times, but otherwise worked well.

You can read the original article here –> The Indian Express Magazine features DealChaat.

If you do check out the link, you’ll notice that we’ve been featured along-side some seasoned players like Groupon & Hoppr. So, heads-up people, we’re gonna hit Big Time!

Here are a few other features & reviews we’ve had recently (including the one in The Economic Times. No Biggie!)

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All these accolades are thanks to your continued support, that we appreciate & cherish so very much. We hope that you continue with the same.

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Anubhav Budhraja

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