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Demystifying The Indian Shopper – A photo story

What do you think is the one thing every Indian shopper wants? – A “Good Bargain” of course! Such similar insights about Indian Shoppers were recently shared by experts on Twitter that we storified. Some known truths (that Indian shoppers are price-sensitive) as well as deeper insights (Indians are always looking for a good bargain and may not...


10 steps to happiness in business (& life)

Here’s a gem for the DealChaat Merchant community and something we also strive to live by on a daily basis. Also, hope to see our logo on Slide 13 soon 10 steps to happiness in business (& life) from Spook Studio Want to add a 11 or 12 here? We’d love to hear from you.


Interesting ways of using Yellow Pages

With apps like DealChaat, Yellow Pages are becoming obsolete!  Here are some interesting ways you can use those Yellow Pages: Original Post:,  Source Credit: Laughing Squid